16.11.12. Repair of the distributor of ignition


We remove the ignition distributor (see Replacement of the distributor of ignition).
It is possible to measure characteristics of vacuum and centrifugal regulators of an advancing of ignition only on the special equipment.

The screw-driver we unscrew the screw of fastening of the condenser.

The special device is necessary for check of the condenser, but previously it is possible to estimate its condition an ohmmeter. At first we connect a condenser conclusion to its case that it was discharged. We connect one probe of an ohmmeter to the case, and the second to a wire tip (an ohmmeter it is better to switch to the top limit of measurements). At the serviceable condenser of the shooter has to deviate sharply aside "0", and then return smoothly to the end of a scale, to an infinity symbol. If to change polarity, then the arrow has to deviate even more to "zero".
The faulty condenser is changed.
We remove the runner (see Replacement of a rotor of the distributor).

Key "on 7" we turn off a nut of contact of low voltage...

… holding the screw the screw-driver.

We remove washers...

… we take out the screw, we remove from it the insulator and a tip of a wire.

We unscrew two screws of fastening of contact group (see Adjustment of a corner of the closed condition of contacts of the breaker).

We remove contact group.

We check a condition of contacts, if necessary by a file it is leveled their surface. If contacts are strongly worn-out (are melted off) – we change contact group assembled.

To thin small beards we beat out the forelock.

We remove a maslootrazhatel and a washer from a shaft.

We take out the roller from the distributor case.

Having hooked the thin screw-driver, we remove a locking washer and draft from a pin of a rotary plate.

We unscrew two screws of fastening of the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition …

… also we remove it.

We unscrew two screws (the screw from a plastic insert fixes "weight") …

… also we take out the bearing with a rotary plate.

The bearing at rotation should not jam and have side plays. The faulty bearing is replaced.
We assemble the ignition distributor as it should be, the return to dismantling.