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16.11.11. Replacement of the coil of ignition


The coil of ignition is installed in a motor compartment on the left mudguard and fixed by two nuts.

We take out a high-voltage wire from a coil cover.

Key "on 8" we turn off a nut from the conclusion designated on a coil cover by a letter "B", and we remove tips of green and brown wires.

That not to lose small nuts, we recommend наживлять them into place.

Similarly we disconnect a blue wire with a black strip from the conclusion designated by a letter "K".

If colors of wires are others, and it is possible – before a detachment mark their situation. From a conclusion of "B" the wire is laid in a plait of wires, from a conclusion "To" – one unites to an ignition distributor conclusion, the second goes to a plait.

Key "on 10" we turn off on three-four turns of a nut of fastening of the coil …

… also we remove it.

We install the new coil in the return sequence, observing the written-down order of connection of wires.