Distributor of ignition 30.3706

1 – roller;
2 – a current supply wire to the distributor;
3 – condenser;
4 – locking spring of a cover;
5 – case of the vacuum regulator;
6 – membrane;
7 – фильц;
8 – draft of the vacuum regulator;
9 – basic plate of the regulator of an advancing of ignition;
10 – distributor rotor;
11 – a side electrode with the plug;
12 – the central electrode with the plug;
13 – distributor cover;
14 – piece of coal of the central electrode;

15 – resistor;
16 – external contact of a rotor;
17 – spring of the centrifugal regulator of an advancing of ignition;
18 – leading plate of the centrifugal regulator;
19 – ignition advancing regulator small weight;
20 – breaker cam;
21 – insulating block rychazhka;
22 – a breaker rychazhok with mobile contact;
23 – contacts of the breaker;
24 – mobile plate of the breaker;
25 – screw of fastening of contact group;
26 – rack with motionless contact of the breaker;
27 – groove;
28 – ignition distributor case.

The distributor of ignition will transform a direct current of a chain of low voltage to pulse and distributes impulses of a high-tension current on spark plugs. It is structurally combined with the breaker and regulators of an advancing of ignition.

The distributor is installed in a forward part of the block of cylinders on the left side.

The case of the distributor is cast from aluminum alloy. In a shaft of the case two bearings of sliding in which the roller rotates are pressed. On the top part of the roller the breaker cam is executed, and also the centrifugal regulator and a rotor (runner) are mounted. At rotation of the roller small weights of the centrifugal regulator disperse under the influence of centrifugal forces and turn a tetrahedral cam of the breaker on a certain corner in the direction of rotation of the roller. At the same time contacts are disconnected with some advancing, that big, than engine turns are higher. The angle of rotation is limited to groove size in a basic plate of a rotor.

The breaker consists of a rack with motionless contact and mobile contact with a textolite emphasis which is pressed by a flat spring to a tetrahedral cam of the roller of the distributor. At rotation of a cam contacts become isolated and disconnected. The cam is oiled by the felt fillets impregnated with engine.

ATTENTION! At operation of the car it is necessary to check and regulate systematically a gap between contacts of the breaker (see Adjustment of a corner of the closed condition of contacts of the breaker).

The plate on which the breaker mechanism is mounted is established on the ball-bearing allowing it to turn around a roller axis. The plate is connected by draft to a diaphragm of the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition. The depression (brought on a hose from zadrosselny space of the carburetor) affects a diaphragm of the vacuum regulator, and draft turns the breaker mechanism together with a mobile plate of rather tetrahedral cam, providing thereby the optimum moment of ignition depending on engine loading.

To reduce sparking between contacts of the breaker, parallel to them the condenser is connected. It is fixed outside on the distributor case.

From above the case of the distributor is closed by a cover with nests for wires of high voltage. From within a cover in its central electrode the sprung piece of coal is built in. The rotor with a contact plate (runner) distributes a high-tension current on spark plugs according to an operating procedure of cylinders (1 – 3 – 4 – 2). The roller of the distributor of ignition rotates clockwise (at the top view).

At adjustment of an advancing of ignition the turn of the distributor clockwise reduces an advancing, counterclockwise – increases.