15.6. Replacement of brake shoes of back wheels


We replace back brake shoes at wear of frictional slips to thickness of 1,5 mm.
We hang out a back part of the car and we remove a wheel.
We remove the brake drum (see Replacement of the brake drum).

We press a cup of a basic rack and, having turned on 90 °, we remove it and a spring.

Similarly we remove a cup of other block.

By means of the big screw-driver we remove the lower parts of both brake shoes from a support.

We remove the lower coupling spring.

We take a block aside, releasing an expansion level, and we remove a level.

We remove the top coupling spring.

We disconnect the lever of the drive of the parking brake from a cable tip.

Passatizhami took out from a finger the forelock.

We remove the lever, a washer and a finger from a block.

We establish new blocks as it should be, the return to removal.
Before installation of blocks with new slips we weaken a tension of a cable of the parking brake. We shift inside pistons of the wheel cylinder sliding passatizha. After installation of the brake drum sharply and strongly we press a brake pedal that persistent rings in the wheel cylinder took the places. We adjust the parking brake (see Removal of knots and adjustment of the parking brake system).