15.5. Replacement of brake shoes of forward wheels


Blocks are subject to replacement if thickness of frictional slips as a result of wear decreased to 1,5 mm.
We lift a forward part of the car, we establish supports and we remove a wheel.

Passatizhami is taken out forelocks from the directing fingers of fastening of blocks.

Thin drift we beat out fingers from eyes, previously having moistened them with WD-40 liquid.

We take out fingers, watching that, having released, clamping springs of blocks were not lost.

Pincers through a block utaplivay pistons in cylinders.

We take old brake shoes.

We establish new brake shoes as it should be, the return to removal, previously having greased the directing fingers with a thin layer of Litol-24 lubricant. Having pressed several times a brake pedal, "we reduce" blocks.