15:18. Removal of knots and adjustment of the parking brake system


We work at a viewing ditch or at the elevator.
For replacement of a back cable of the drive of the parking brake we hang out and we remove back wheels (better at the same time).
We lower the lever of the drive of the parking brake in extreme lower situation.

Passatizhami is disconnected a spring from a forward (short) cable.

Two keys "on 13" we weaken an inhaling of adjusting and kontrovochny nuts and...

... we turn off them, holding passatizham a tip of a forward cable.

We remove the equalizer.

We remove the brake drum and a block from its support (see Replacement of brake shoes of back wheels).

We disconnect a cable tip from the lever.

Key "on 8" we turn off two bolts of fastening of a cable to a brake board and...

... we take out a cable from a board.

Key "on 10" we turn off two nuts of fastening of an arm of a cable to a body and...

... having removed an arm, we release a cable.

We disconnect a cable cover tip from an arm, having shifted it back and down.

Similarly we remove the second branch of a back cable of the parking brake.
For replacement only of a forward cable of the parking brake we perform the works shown on a photo 1–4.

In salon the crosswise screw-driver we unscrew the self-tapping screw of fastening of the protection cover.

For convenience it is expedient to remove the driver's seat (see Replacement of a front seat).

We remove a casing.

Key "on 10" we unscrew four screws of fastening of the mechanism of the lever to a body.

We remove the lever assembled with a cable.

Расшплинтовав an axis, we remove from it a cable.

We collect knots of the parking brake system as it should be, the return to removal or dismantling, and we check adjustment of the drive.
We lower the lever against the stop. An adjusting nut we pull a cable so that the full speed of the lever up at effort of 40 kgfs made 2–4 teeth ("click") on the sector.
At completely lowered lever of a wheel have to rotate freely, without jammings.