15:17. Replacement and adjustment of the regulator of pressure


Work is carried out on a viewing ditch.

Two keys "on 10" we disconnect pressure regulator drive lever from the draft connected to an arm of a beam of the back bridge.

Head "on 10" we turn off two nuts of a bracket of fastening of the lever to a body.

Head "on 10" we turn off fastening of a collar of brake tubes.

Head "on 13" we turn off three nuts of fastening of an arm to a body and two bolts of fastening of the regulator of pressure to an arm.

Head "on 10" we unscrew unions of two brake tubes.

We remove pressure regulator with the lever.

Key "on 8", having shifted a protective cover, we turn off a bolt of fastening of a bracket of the lever to the regulator case.

We remove the lever.

We install pressure regulator as it should be, the return to removal. After installation we pump over the brake system (see Replacement of brake fluid and pumping of the brake system) and we regulate it:

  • we hang out a back part of the car. We establish distance of 140±5 mm from the end of the lever of the regulator to a longitudinal beam of a body. On release cars to the middle of 1976 it is distance 200±5 mm are equal;
  • having raised a rubber cap and having weakened two bolts of fastening, we turn the regulator before easy contact of the opposite end of the lever with the piston acting from the regulator. Holding the regulator in this situation, we tighten bolts of its fastening. Having covered with a lubricant layer the end of the lever and the acting part of the piston, we establish a rubber cap into place.

We perform similar work in case fastening of the regulator to an arm weakened.