15:16. Replacement of the vacuum amplifier


The vacuum amplifier non-demountable and to repair is not subject.

In salon by the screw-driver it is hooked and we remove a spring clamp from the pin connecting a pusher to a brake pedal and...

... we take out a pin.

Head "on 13" we turn off four nuts of fastening of the amplifier to a motor board.

In podkapotny space we remove from the amplifier the main brake cylinder (see Removal of the main brake cylinder and its repair).

Having carefully hooked the screw-driver, we take out the union of a vacuum hose from the case of the amplifier.

We remove the amplifier from the car.

We establish the new amplifier as it should be, the return to removal.
Before installation we check the rod head vystupaniye size (1,05–1,25 mm) concerning the plane of the case of the amplifier. This size corresponds to a free wheeling of a pedal of a brake of 3-5 mm. If necessary...

... a key "on 7" we rotate a rod head, trying to obtain the necessary parameters. A rod at the same time we hold passatizham.