15:13. Replacement of the brake drum


We lift a back part of the car on supports and we remove a wheel.

Key "on 12" we turn off two directing pins...

... we insert them into technological openings and, turning, we shift a drum from a landing corbel of a flange of a half shaft.

If a drum strongly "прикис" to a seat, accurately we force down him the hammer through wooden whetstone, previously having moistened a seat with kerosene or WD-40 liquid.

We remove the brake drum.

We clear the internal surfaces of the reel of corrosion and products of wear.
At considerable wear of a working surface and increase in its diameter up to 251 mm we replace a drum.
We install the reel as it should be, the return to removal, previously having greased a landing corbel of a half shaft with lubricant (graphitic or SHRUS-4) – it will facilitate the subsequent removal of a drum.