15.1. Check of a condition of a hydraulic actuator


The condition of a hydraulic actuator is checked visually. Leak of brake fluid is not allowed.
Metal pipelines should not have dents, cracks, they have to be reliably fixed far from sharp edges which can damage them. All brackets fixing pipelines have to be reliably fixed since vibration can cause breakages of pipelines.
All unions have to be reliably tightened – leak of brake fluid via them is not allowed.
Brake hoses should not have cracks on an external cover and adjoin to the liquids dissolving rubber. It is better to check a condition of hoses with the assistant who has to press strongly a pedal of a brake and hold it during survey. Swellings on hoses are not allowed. Regardless of an external state hoses need to be replaced through 100 thousand km of a run or five years of operation of the car.
Brake fluid is usually replaced in five years of operation since it has high hygroscopicity (easily absorbs moisture from air). But, proceeding from practical experience, we recommend to replace liquid in two years. Water in brake fluid increases probability of "souring" of working cylinders from corrosion and lowers temperature of its boiling.