14.9. Removal of a bipod


We remove the steering mechanism from the car (see Removal and installation of the steering mechanism).

Key "on 30" we turn off a nut of fastening of a bipod.

Special stripper (see Appendices) we press a bipod from a shaft.

If the bipod does not manage to be removed a stripper, it is possible to try to bring down it blow of the hammer.

We rest a bipod shaft against wooden whetstone. By the heavy hammer (sledge hammer) it is pressed down on one emphasis of a bipod, and sharply we beat the second with other hammer.

In certain cases it is necessary to offer a bipod, having cut it the detachable tool ("Bulgarian").

The bipod is established on a shaft only in one situation: in its shlitsevy connection there are dual hollows, and on a shaft – dual ledges.