14.5. Replacement and repair of the pendular lever


We remove the right forward wheel. We press off from the lever fingers of drafts (see Replacement of steering drafts).

Two keys "on 17" we turn off nuts of two bolts of fastening of an arm on the right longeron of a body.

The lower bolt can be taken out at once, and top we remove together with an arm.

We take out the forelock and two keys "on 19" we turn off the top nut from an axis of the pendular lever.

We take out an axis with the lever from an arm.

In an arm two plastic plugs (sliding bearings) are installed. On both ends of an axis there are about two lyska on which lock washers are established. Rubber consolidations which are kept by lock washers are put on fillets of an arm and an external part of plugs.
Plastic plugs have to sit in an arm densely, and the axis of the lever should not have radial side plays in plugs. At wear of plugs we replace them new. In an arm of the pendular lever at assembly we put Litol-24 lubricant or Fiol.
Having tightened the top nut, we check the lever axis provorachivaniye moment in an arm. The lever has to be turned at the annex to its free end of loading within 1–2 kgfs.
We establish an arm of the pendular lever as it should be, the return to removal.