14.4. Replacement of steering drafts


We hang out a forward part of the car and we remove wheels.

We take out the forelock and a key "on 22" we turn off a nut of fastening of a finger of the spherical hinge.

Stripper (see Appendices) we press off a draft tip finger from the lever of a rotary pin.

And to the pendular lever it is more convenient to turn off nuts of fastening of thirsts for a bipod of the steering mechanism by means of a face key from podkapotny space.

Fingers of spherical hinges can be pressed off a stripper or...

... having substituted an emphasis in the lever (it is possible to use a corner piece)...

... we beat out a finger blow to its end face the hammer through a suitable core. Not to damage at the same time a carving on a finger, we do not remove a nut but only we turn off before coincidence of end faces of a finger and a nut.

Before replacement of a tip or all side draft assembled we measure length of old draft (distance of caps between centers).

New draft has to be the same length. For this purpose or we screw in one tip in the carving coupling, or we regulate draft length, turning the carving coupling. Do not forget to tighten after adjustment coupling collars on the coupling.
After installation of new drafts it is necessary to check the angles of installation of wheels.