14.2. Check of a condition of steering


We check steering with the assistant on a platform.
We establish wheels in the situation corresponding to the rectilinear movement of the car. On a rim of a steering wheel we put with chalk a tag.

We check a free wheeling (side play) of a steering wheel when turning it in both parties prior to turn of wheels of the car.

The free wheeling should not exceed 5 ° (or 18–20 mm on a wheel rim).
The effort of turn of a steering wheel should not exceed 20 kgfs at installation of forward wheels of the car on a smooth plate (linoleum).
At bystry turns of a steering wheel to the left and to the right, with amplitudes about 10 °, to the touch we check lack of knocks (side plays) in connections and spherical hinges of management. We tighten the weakened threaded connections.

We check lack of axial and radial side plays of the pendular lever...

... we check lack of side plays in spherical hinges of drafts.

We check movements of tips of drafts along axes of fingers of hinges for what...

... we put axial effort to tips of drafts.

Axial movement has to be within 1–1,5 mm. After removal of effort the tip has to return into place. If axial movement is absent or the tip does not come back to the place – we replace a tip or steering draft assembled with serviceable.