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13. Back suspension bracket

Elements of a back suspension bracket

1 – expansion plug;
2 – rubber plug;
3 – the lower isolating laying of a spring;
4 – lower longitudinal bar;
5 – lower basic cup of a spring;
6 – compression course buffer;
7 – suspension bracket spring;
8 – bolt of fastening of the top longitudinal bar;
9 – arm of fastening of the top longitudinal bar;
10 – lower longitudinal bar;

11 – arm of a cross bar;
12 – pressure regulator;
13 – pressure regulator drive lever;
14 – beam of the back bridge;
15 – top longitudinal bar;
16 – additional buffer of the course of compression;
17 – shock-absorber arm;
18 – cross bar;
19 – shock-absorber.

Description of a design

Back suspension bracket – dependent with screw cylindrical springs and hydraulic shock-absorbers.

The beam of the back bridge is fixed on a body four longitudinal (jet) and one cross by bars on rubber-metal hinges of an identical structure (saylent-blocks).

Springs rest the lower ends through plastic laying against the cups welded on a beam of the back bridge, and the top ends – through rubber anti-vibration laying, against a body. The course of compression of springs is limited by the cylindrical emphasis which is a part of a body of the car. At end faces of an emphasis rubber buffers are installed.

The additional buffer of compression is installed on an arm over a reducer case.

Shock-absorbers fasten on folding rubber-metal hinges – the top eyes to hairpins on body arms, and lower – to arms on a beam of the back bridge.