13.2.4. Replacement of plugs of bars


At wear of plugs of bars of a back suspension bracket it is possible to establish new bars with a factory press fitting of plugs. However plugs can be replaced and by means of special adaptation or as shown below.

We beat out or press off the steel expansion plug from the hinge the core suitable on diameter, for example, a bolt.

We delete the worn-out rubber plug from a bar. For this purpose the plug can be cut a hacksaw cloth from within.

In a vice we press the new rubber plug in a bar, previously having greased it with soap solution.

Also in a vice we press the steel expansion plug.
We establish details of a back suspension bracket in the return sequence.
To increase service life of plugs of hinges of bars and shock-absorbers, nuts of fastening of a suspension bracket are finally tightened only on the car standing on the flat platform and completely loaded.