13.2.2. Replacement of springs of a back suspension bracket


We disconnect the shock-absorber from an arm of a beam of the back bridge and …

… we pull together a spring with two special couplers (see Appendices).

Instead of couplers it is possible to use two-three strong brackets which are inserted from two opposite sides into the spring compressed car weight. When posting a wheel they will not allow a spring to be unclenched completely.

ATTENTION! The compressed spring is dangerous therefore besides couplers it is necessary to connect its rounds by a steel wire.

Hands we wring out a beam of the back bridge down and we take out a spring.

Under the lower part of a spring plastic laying is enclosed, and rubber anti-vibration laying from above is established.

We check a condition of rubber laying and if it is necessary, we replace them new.
We establish a spring as it should be, the return to removal.
Similarly we replace the second spring.
We establish both springs the same group (with marking on an external surface of rounds paint of one color).
Install class A springs (yellow color) on VAZ-2106. Installation of springs of a class B (green color) is in exceptional cases allowed.

In need of (cracks, peelings) we replace the compression course buffer, having moistened it before installation by soap solution.