13.1. Check of technical condition


We check an inhaling of fastenings of all details of a back suspension bracket. We tighten the weakened connections.
Visually we check absence of damage of springs, cracks and deformations in longitudinal and cross bars, arms of a beam of the back bridge and a body.
At detection of cracking of rubber or a side play of elastic plugs of hinges on expansion plugs we replace bars assembled new or we install new elastic plugs.
Fastening of shock-absorbers should not have side plays, and on their cases there should not be potek of working liquid. Rubber plugs of fastening of shock-absorbers have to be without damages and a local vypuchivaniye.
It is possible to be convinced of operability of the shock-absorber without the special equipment vigorously having rocked a car body down. The car has to return to a starting position, without making fluctuations.
We replace faulty details of a suspension bracket.