12.9. Replacement of the lower levers


For replacement of the lower lever we remove the shock-absorber, a spring, we disconnect the lower spherical support from a rotary fist and the end of a bar of the stabilizer from the lower lever (see appropriate sections).

Key "on 19" we turn off two nuts of fastening of an axis of the lower lever to a cross-piece.

We hammer a wedge (chisel) between an axis and a cross-piece and …

… we remove the lower lever.

We note quantity and an arrangement of adjusting washers between an axis of the lower lever and a cross-piece that at installation of the lever to put these washers on the former place.

We clamp an axis of the lower lever in a vice and adaptation pressed off the rubber-metal hinge. Having taken out a detail from a vice, we take an axis from the lever through a free opening.

We install new rubber-metal hinges in the following order:

we press one hinge, …

… through a free opening in the lever we insert an axis with washers and …

... we press the second hinge. For installation of an emphasis of the device we insert the bolt suitable on diameter in a lever opening.

We install the lower levers on the car as it should be, the return to removal.

In need of (cracks, peelings) we replace the compression course buffer. For this purpose, previously having moistened its end with soap solution and having hooked the screw-driver, we take it from a seat. The new buffer is installed also by means of soap and the screw-driver.