12.8. Replacement of rubber-metal hinges of the lower levers on the car


We hang out and remove a wheel.

Key "on 22" we turn off two самоконтрящиеся nuts from an axis of the lower lever and we remove persistent washers.

To press off rubber-metal hinges conveniently special adaptation (see Appendices).

Hollow bolt navorachivay on the carving end of an axis. We tighten a big nut of adaptation, pressing on the lever. At the same time the lever is pressed from the hinge sitting on a lever axis.

Similarly we press off the second hinge.

Having inserted the new rubber-metal hinge into the lever, we align it in an opening, an assembly shovel drawing in the lever.

We establish an emphasis of adaptation from the inside of the lever and we press the rubber-metal hinge in the lever.