12.6. Replacement of springs


For removal of forward springs we use the special adaptation consisting of two captures established between spring rounds and a screw coupler. Before it we remove wheels, a stabilizer bar (see Replacement of pillows and a bar of the stabilizer) and shock-absorbers (see Replacement of shock-absorbers).

We install adaptation in a spring and we pull together it.

We press off the lower spherical support from a rotary fist. A nave on the top spherical support we take aside. A key "on 22" we release an inhaling of nuts of an axis of the lower lever. (See Replacement of rubber-metal hinges of the lower levers on the car).

Having convinced that rounds of a spring are pulled together reliably, we wring out the lower lever of a suspension bracket down and we take out a spring together with adaptation from the lower lever.

On the top part of a spring the rubber isolating laying is established.

We replace the damaged laying new. Length of a serviceable spring has to be equal in a free state to 360 mm. On a forward suspension bracket installation of identical springs only with marking of yellow color on an external surface of rounds is allowed (group A).
Installation of springs is carried out as it should be, the return to removal. We install the car on wheels then we tighten nuts of axes of the lower levers.