12:12. Adjustment of angles of installation of wheels


We recommend to check and regulate the angles of installation of forward wheels at special stands HUNDRED.
However with a sufficient accuracy it is possible to make adjustment independently. The flat horizontal platform is for this purpose necessary. If it is absent, it is possible to expose car wheels in the horizontal plane by means of linings under them.
Before adjustment it is checked:

  • air pressure in tires;
  • side plays in bearings and spherical hinges of a suspension bracket;
  • serviceability of shock-absorbers;
  • free wheeling of a steering wheel.

We eliminate the found malfunctions.
On the car wheels and tires of one size, without radial and axial beats have to be established. It is possible to check lack of beats visually, rotating a hand the hung-out wheels.
Control and adjustment can be carried out both on loaded, and on not loaded car. It is recommended to carry out installation of corners on the loaded car – on 70 kg on four pillows of seats and 40 kg in the middle of a luggage carrier.
We put a steering wheel in the neutral position corresponding to the rectilinear movement of the car. Just before check 2–3 times we press out a car suspension bracket, putting vertical effort of 40-50 kg to bumpers.

Check and adjustment of corners is carried out in such sequence:

  • corner of a longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn;
  • disorder corner;
  • convergence of wheels.

At the new car (to TO-1) the angles of installation of wheels have the following values:

0 °30' +40'
- 30'

longitudinal tilt angle of an axis of turn:
4 ° +1 °
- 1 °30'

convergence: 1–7 mm.

After carrying out TO-1 (through 2–3 thousand km of a run) and at further operation of the car of value of angles of installation of wheels have to be: disorder 0 °30 '±20' (0 °5 '±20'), longitudinal tilt angle of an axis of turn 4 ° ±30' (3 ° ±30'), convergence of 2-4 mm (3–5 mm).