12.12.3. Adjustment of a convergence of wheels


We define a convergence, having measured a difference in distances between forward and back points of an internal part of the intact rims of the left and right wheels. The steering wheel when carrying out adjustment has to be recorded in neutral situation (for the movement directly).
It is possible to determine need of adjustment of a convergence by more convenient method, but for this purpose it is necessary that on all wheels tires of one model and the size, free of defects on side surfaces were installed.
We pull strong threads between forward and back wheels at the level of their axes. We hook on wire hooks on the ends of threads for a protector.

Between threads and sidewalls of back wheels in their forward part we establish inserts.

At correctly adjusted thread convergence on a back part of forward wheels sidewalls have to concern only slightly.

Thickness of inserts are equal to 28, 31, 34 or 37 mm that corresponds to a convergence of wheels of 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm.
If the convergence of wheels demands adjustment, then …

… two keys "on 13" we weaken coupling collars on the carving coupling of side drafts of a steering trapeze.

Turn of the coupling we regulate length of side drafts of the steering drive and, respectively, a convergence of wheels until gaps between threads and sidewalls of tires on both wheels disappear.

After adjustment – we tighten coupling collars of steering drafts.