12.1.2. Adjustment of a gap in hug bearings of a forward wheel


Having found the increased gaps in the hug bearing of a forward wheel, we hang out and we remove a wheel.

By means of a chisel easy blows of the hammer we take off a protective cap of a nut of a nave.

We establish a wheel into place. It is enough to fix of it by two bolts so far.

Key "on 27" we tighten a nave nut the moment about 2 кгс.м.

ATTENTION! On the right wheel the nut turns away clockwise. On it, for difference from a nut of the left wheel, about sides there are tags in the form of convex points.

We turn a wheel two-three times in both directions for self-installation of bearings. Gradually we weaken a nut inhaling, at the same time shaking a wheel in the vertical plane, before emergence of easy, hardly noticeable side play.

We stop a nut obmyatiy her necks in grooves of an axis of a rotary fist. If the new place an obmyatiya is located closely to old, then we replace a nut new.

We add new Litol-24 lubricant to a protective cap and we establish it on the former place.