11. Zadny Bridge

Zadny Bridge in a section

1 – locking ring of a half shaft;
2 – brake shoe;
3 – brake drum;
4 – bolt of fastening of a wheel;
5 – the directing pin;
6 – brake cylinder;
7 – brake board;
8 – half shaft bearing;
9 – half shaft cuff;
10 – basic cup of a spring;
11 – differential bearing;
12 – сапун;
13 – differential case;
14 – the conducted gear wheel of the main transfer;
15 – satellite;

16 – semi-axial gear wheel;
17 – bolts of fastening of a reducer to a case of the back bridge;
18 – bearings of the leading gear wheel;
19 – cuff of a flange of the leading gear wheel;
20 – flange;
21 – nut of the leading gear wheel;
22 – the ring is mud-reflective;
23 – expansion plug;
24 – adjusting laying (ring);
25 – leading gear wheel;
26 – axis of satellites;
27 – reducer case;
28 – beam of the back bridge;
29 – half shaft.

Description of a design

Zadny Bridge of the car is executed in the form of a hollow beam on which end faces flanges with seats under bearings of half shafts and openings for fastening of brake boards are welded. In the middle to a beam bolts the reducer of the main transfer with differential fastens, and from flanges two half shafts transferring torque from a reducer to back wheels are inserted into a beam.

Zadny Bridge at all "classical" cars VAZ (except all-wheel drive models) is unified and depending on model can be completed with a reducer with transfer number 3,9 or 4,1.

The place of marking of transfer number on the conducted gear wheel.

The leader and the conducted gear wheels of a reducer are selected in couples and at damage at least – are replaced with one of them in a set.

The leading gear wheel is established on two roller conic bearings, between their internal rings the elastic expansion plug is inserted. When tightening a nut on a shaft of the leading gear wheel this plug is deformed, providing a preliminary tightness in bearings.

Between the leading gear wheel and its bearing the adjusting ring defining the axial provision of the leading gear wheel is established.

The conducted gear wheel of the main transfer fastens bolts to the case of differential which is installed on two roller conic bearings. A preliminary tightness in these bearings, and also gap size between teeths of the leader and conducted gear wheels are regulated by the ring nuts wrapped in demountable beds of bearings. In the differential case on an axis two satellites entering gearing with semi-axial gear wheels are an easy fit.

The half shaft the internal end enters a shlitsevy opening of a semi-axial gear wheel, and external leans on the ball bearing entering a flange of a beam and locked there by a plate. The plate together with a maslootrazhatel and a board of a brake fastens four bolts to a beam flange. In a nest of a beam of the bridge the cuff is established. From axial shift the bearing is fixed on a half shaft by a locking ring.

On a board of brakes brake shoes, the brake cylinder with a tube of a supply of brake fluid and a cover of a cable of the parking brake fasten.

To a half shaft flange two directing pins the brake drum fastens.

For filling and discharge of oil two stoppers with a conic carving are established.