11.3. Replacement of a half shaft and its cuff


We hang out a back part of the car on tripods, we remove a back wheel and the brake drum. The jack raised the sorted edge of a beam of the back bridge that after removal of a half shaft oil did not pour out.

Head "on 17" through openings in a flange of a half shaft we turn off four nuts.

We remove tweezers elastic washers.

On a flange of a half shaft we fix a shock stripper (see Appendices) and we beat out a half shaft from a beam.

Instead of this adaptation it is possible to use the removed wheel. We establish it by a reverse side on two bolts and the sharp movement we pull out a half shaft.

The half shaft is taken out together with a maslootrazhatel, a fastening plate, the bearing and a locking ring.

Between a flange of a beam and a board of a brake the rubber sealing ring is established.

Sliding passatizha we take out a half shaft cuff from a nest in a beam of the back bridge.

Easy blows of the hammer to a face head (piece of a pipe of suitable diameter) we press a new cuff.

At deformation of a half shaft, big radial and axial gaps in the bearing, shift of a locking ring, wear of shliyets – the half shaft needs to be replaced on new assembled. Independent replacement only of the bearing and a locking ring is not recommended.
We establish a half shaft as it should be, the return to removal. Before installation it is greased working surfaces of a cuff with Litol-24 lubricant.