11.2. Oil replacement


Having turned out a drain stopper a six-sided key "on 12", we merge the fulfilled oil. Then we wrap a stopper into place, having cleared its magnet of steel shaving.

We fill in oil through the opening closed by a stopper in a back part of a beam, having turned off it a key "on 17".

If the oil of dark color merged from a reducer case or in it metal particles are noticeable, it is necessary to wash out a reducer. For this purpose we fill in in it about 1 l of mix of gearbox oil from 20–30% of kerosene or diesel fuel. Then, having hung out one of back wheels, we include the I transfer and we launch the engine. 2–3 min. later it is merged flushing mix and we fill in 1,3 l of gearbox oil in a reducer.
Level of oil has to reach the lower edge of a jellied opening.