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10. Cardan transfer

Elements of cardan transfer

1 – elastic coupling;
2 – flange of a secondary shaft of the transmission;
3 – mud-reflector;
4 – secondary shaft of the transmission;
5 – nut;
6 – a sealant of the aligning ring;
7 – the aligning ring;
8 – inserts of the elastic coupling;
9 – bolt;
10 – stopper;
11 – flange of the forward driveshaft;
12 – cuff;

13 – shlitsevy end of the forward driveshaft;
14 – forward driveshaft;
15 – intermediate support;
16 – back driveshaft;
17 – flange fork;
18 – lock ring;
19 – bearing of the cardan hinge;
20 – cuff;
21 – crosspiece;
22 – fork;
23 – elastic pillow;
24 – bearing of an intermediate support.

Description of a design

Cardan transfer consists of forward and back driveshafts, an intermediate elastic support, the elastic coupling, mobile shlitsevy connection and two cardan hinges. Existence of two cardan hinges and shlitsevy connection gives the chance to transfer torque from the transmission to the main transfer at an angle, constantly changing during the work of a suspension bracket.

Driveshafts are manufactured of a steel thin-walled pipe. The forward shaft has on both ends shlitsevy tips, and back – forks of cardan hinges.

The elastic coupling is intended for absorption of vibrations and breakthroughs in cardan transfer. Through two flanges it connects the transmission and the forward driveshaft. Their coaxiality is provided with the aligning ring on a shaft of the transmission and the aligning plug in a driveshaft flange.

The intermediate support consists of the ball radial bearing installed in an arm in the rubber isolating pillow. The arm is fixed on a body by means of a cross-piece via anti-vibration plugs.

The cardan hinge consists of two forks fixed on shaft which are connected among themselves by a crosspiece. Needle bearings with sealing cuffs are put on hollow thorns of a crosspiece. Bearings are fixed in forks by lock rings.

Now (since 1988) driveshafts complete with hinges of the increased durability. On them crosspieces with thorns of the increased diameter, stamped cases of needle bearings, consolidations of radial and face type without metal holder and a fork of the increased thickness are established. The modern and earlier being issued crosspieces are interchanged, but it is not recommended to establish "new" crosspieces in forks of "old" driveshafts as at the same time the general rigidity of hinges decreases.

Below the technology of replacement only of the hinges installed now is considered.