10.2.4. Replacement of the elastic coupling


We remove cardan transfer (see Replacement of cardan transfer).

Head "on 13" we turn off two nuts of fastening of a cross-piece of the transmission to a body. At the same time a back part of a box together with the coupling will a little fall.

Two keys "on 19" we turn off three самоконтрящиеся nuts of bolts of fastening of the coupling.

If the coupling is not damaged, then before removal we pull together it on radius with a special assembly collar. It is possible to do also without collar, having densely reeled up several layers of an adhesive tape on the coupling.

We turn a shaft of the transmission and to small beards serially we beat out bolts of fastening of the coupling.

ATTENTION! Bolts can be taken out and inserted only in one place – slightly higher than the speedometer drive case.

We remove the elastic coupling together with a flange. Having turned off three nuts, we disconnect the coupling from the aligning flange.

New couplings go on sale pulled together with an assembly collar. We install the coupling on the aligning flange, without removing a collar.

Serially we insert three bolts into a transmission flange.

We install the coupling and we tighten bolts, at the same time thorns of flanges have to enter coupling grooves. We remove an assembly collar. We establish cardan transfer according to in advance put tags (see Replacement of cardan transfer).