10.2.3. Replacement of the bearing of an intermediate support


We press off needle bearings and we remove the back driveshaft (see Dismantling of the cardan hinge).

Face head "on 27" we turn off, but not up to the end, a nut of fastening of a fork of the forward driveshaft.

We install adaptation on a fork, having rested it against a nut, and we create a preliminary tightness. If the effort of a stripper is not enough, we help it easy blows of the hammer. Thus gradually we press a fork from shliyets of the forward driveshaft.

Key "on 13" we turn off two bolts of fastening of an intermediate support to a cross-piece.

Opirayem an intermediate support on two corners (the size not less than 40 x 40 mm) and through a pro-rate from soft metal we press it from a shaft.

We remove mud-reflectors and by nippers it is taken out a lock ring of the bearing.

The face head suitable by the size or the plug we beat out the bearing from a support.

Assembly of an intermediate support is carried out upside-down.