10.2.2. Assembly of the cardan hinge


We put on consolidations thorns of a crosspiece and we put plastic caps.

We put Fiol-2U's lubricant or No. 158 in hinge bearings.

We insert crosspiece thorns into fork openings.

Adaptation, through a suitable pro-rate, we press the bearing in a fork more deeply than a pro-point under a lock ring.

We establish a lock ring. On the other side of a fork we press the second bearing until the first bearing does not rest against the lock ring. We establish a lock ring of the second bearing.

After assembly of the hinge easy blows of the hammer via the screw-driver or small beards "we help" a lock ring to finish and to enter completely a pro-point.

By means of a set of probes we measure a gap between a lock ring and the bearing.

The size of a gap has to be in limits of 0,01-0,04 mm.
Lock rings are issued five sizes on thickness which differ on color: 1,50 mm – unpainted; 1,52 mm – dark brown; 1,56 mm – blue; 1,59 mm – black and 1,62 mm – yellow. We establish in crosspieces of a ring of the necessary size.