10.2.1. Dismantling of the cardan hinge


ATTENTION! Not to break balancing, before dismantling of cardan transfer we put with a chisel or paint of a tag of a relative positioning of its details. Lock rings of cardan hinges also have to be established on former places.

We put tags of a relative positioning of shaft and forks.

We remove lock rings.

We install adaptation (see Appendices) on a fork of the hinge and we press off the needle bearing in adaptation cup against the stop of a crosspiece in a fork.

The bearing leaves a fork only on one third of the height.

We do the same with the opposite bearing.

The screw-driver, resting against edge of the case of the bearing, finally we beat out vypressovanny bearings from seats of forks.

We bring a crosspiece out of a fork.

We install adaptation on a crosspiece and it is pressed similarly off the second pair of bearings.