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VAZ 2106

VAZ-2106 ("Zhiguli "2106/Lada 1600") — the Soviet and Russian rear-wheel car with a body like the sedan which is the renewed version of VAZ-2103 and being issued the Volga Automobile Plant since 1976 (in the people — "six"). In 1998 production was partially postponed for the Roslada enterprise in Syzran, and in 2002 — on the Izhavto plant in Izhevsk where proceeded up to removal of model from the conveyor in January, 2006. One of the most mass and popular domestic cars

VAZ-2103 engine. On a part of cars for domestic market the engine cooling system was simplified — there was no electric fan, and the krylchatka was established directly on an end face of a shaft of the pump of cooling liquid. In Post-Soviet years the factory complete set by bumpers from VAZ-2105 was allowed. Export copies differed in the improved finishing and small changes in the scheme of electric equipment, a part of such cars was completed with the modified bumpers from VAZ-2121 with the built-in front position lamps, some cars were supplied with cleaners and washers of external headlights.
The export version of VAZ-2106 with a right-hand arrangement of governing bodies.
The VAZ-21011 engine of the improved complete set, with the sensor of pressure of oil and with the electric fan instead of the krylchatka given by a belt (in alternative execution the drive was allowed by a belt). This modification which was issued till 1994 was equipped, unlike other, with system of production of the fulfilled gases with one resonator instead of two. Cars of late years of release could be completed with bumpers from model 2105.
The export version of VAZ-21061 with a right-hand arrangement of governing bodies.
The upgraded version with the improved complete set which was issued in 1993 — 2001. Differed in more powerful generator, the five-speed transmission, a reducer of the back bridge with transfer number 3.9, contactless system of ignition, the Soleks carburetor (21053-1107010), halogen headlights, an upholstery and head restraints of seats, and also regular existence of a back fog lamp and electrical heating of back glass from basic model. VAZ-2105 wheels were used, the majority of copies was completed with aluminum bumpers from the same model, and a part of export cars, as before, was equipped with the modified bumpers from VAZ-2121. The complete set 21065-01 was equipped with the engine from model 2103.
The export version of VAZ-21063 with a right-hand arrangement of governing bodies.
The version of the Izhevsk automobile works equipped with the injector VAZ-21067-20 engine.
Carrier of units and knots of the period of operational development of VAZ-2108 and VAZ-21083 motors.